Welcome to Tree of Life Urban Retreat Center

A place to feel safe, accepted, restore vitality, mobility and grace.

Here we are focused on ease and grace for our body, mind and spirit. Giving space for our internal knowingness to arise and giving it an avenue to express itself.

You can NOW text the office directly on our main line: 512-474-5433

Tree of Life offers complementary alternative health and leisure services that include: Clinical Nutrition, Natural Medicine, Massage, Therapeutic Movement classes and workshops, Personal and Therapeutic Training, Emotion/body code, Duo biomagnetism and much more.


Join us for therapeutic movement classes, workshops, massage, and more!

Book a consultation or appointment with one of our practitioners:

Dr. Mael

Chiropractor & Clinic Director

Dr. Schade


Katie Nicholas

Therapeutic Massage

Amy Pancake

Organic Movement

Renae Molden

Kaiut Yoga

Teresa Johnson

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Denise Rodgers

Mind, Body, Spirit

You can text the office directly or call 



[email protected]


312 W. Stassney Lane, Austin, TX, 78745, US


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